Choosing paths

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The main paths I explore involve the art of writing, the joy of family history research, and the satisfaction of sharing knowledge.

These are not the only paths I’ve chosen, though most are tied to my interests in research, photography, volunteering, sketching, solving mysteries, and a love of history. But these three provide me with the most joie de vivre.


You will learn here why I chose my paths of Writing, Genealogy and Presentations, what I’ve accomplished along the way, and how I continue to explore them.

Finding some joie de vivre

Many paths present themselves to us throughout life. A lot we must take out of necessity, some for convenience, and some are missed. Although paths not chosen we may regret.

So, if we want to turn down a particular path to try something and it’s a good time, why not?

Who knows…that path could lead to an enjoyable venture.

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